The Association for P.O.O.L.

The Association for P.O.O.L. (nicknamed the TAP pool league) was established in  the Fairfax, Va. area in 1994 with approximately 35 players. It is now in over thirty-five states as well as Canada and  has become the third largest and  fastest growing pool league in the country. TAP holds its annual "Rally in the Valley" tournament every March in Valley Forge, Pa. sharing the same convention center with the ladies and men's pro events. All TAP players can and are encouraged to participate in this event. (team,singles,and a ladies tournament) TAP moves their national locations every two years so you get to see different parts of the country. This is unlike the other national leagues. For more info on TAP you can go to

No other national league offers you all this fun,action and excitement!!


The TAP League Format

TAP  plays three sixteen week sessions.  Teams include from five to eight players with five of them playing a singles 8 ball match to their own handicaps, which are updated weekly and established  by the corporate computer at TAP.  Handicaps range from 2 through 7 with the 2 being the lowest skill level and the 7 being the highest.Total team handicaps can not exceed 25 points for a given night. This format ensures a balanced league without loaded teams and  promotes fair competition. After each session teams qualify to play in the next "Titleholder" tournament. 


Lehigh & Northampton TAP Pool League

  This division encompasses 3 counties. Lehigh, Northampton & Carbon(Lehigh Valley PA).  We started with only six teams(8-ball) four teams (9ball) and 52 players in March of 2007. We now  have over 76 teams(51 8-ball & 25 9-ball) & 500 players and we are still growing. 


Our TAP site is designed  for league players to have easy access to their weekly handicaps, news, TAP tavern events. We are for the player.


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